Revolutionise student

Elevate Student Communication, Experience and Engagement while reducing HR resources and costs.

AI-Driven Intelligent Student Support


Improve student-institution communication for higher quality student applications, smoother registrations, and decreased dropout rates through enhanced student communication and support solutions.

Common Problems & Challenges

Limited Student support

Limited student support outside regular hours and insufficient self-service alternatives.

Losing Students to Competition

Risk of student attrition due to the overwhelming workload on sales agents manually managing incoming leads.

Poor Student Follow-ups & Reach

Lack of student response to emails, SMS, or unrecognised calls needed to convert or to finalise registrations.

High Registration Abandonment

Registration process abandonment or students becoming unreachable, impeding follow-ups.

Weak Student engagement & support

Early cancellations and drop-outs due to ineffective student communication and support during their studies


Manual, repetitive tasks that could be automated to streamline efficiency and reduce expenses.

Ineffective Communication Methods

Not being able to consolidate student communication on one unified platform, creating disconnect and confusion

not utilising using student data

Not being able to leverage communication data to make forward-moving executive decisions

OMNI-Channel Mobile CRM

Maximise Communication & Support


A streamlined AI-driven tool enhances student communication, engagement, and support while reducing HR workload and costs. It integrates seamlessly with existing platforms to boost revenue growth and scalability.

A Three-Phase Student Journey Solution

Pre Sales

Student Marketing & Recruiting

Common Problems

The Solution

An AI-driven, interactive communication platform designed to boost prospective student applications by 16% through omni-channel, 24/7 information, assistance, and support.

What's Included:


STudent Registration & Enrolment

Common Problems

The Solution

A student registration communication & assistance tool that integrates with existing student management platforms, that leverages automation and self-service features to enhance registration throughput by 9%.

What's Included:

Post Sales

Active Student Ongoing Support

Common Problems

The Solution

A student engagement and support solution that reduces early cancellations and drop-outs by 4% while improving ongoing communication, engagement and support during and after their studies.

What's Included:

IVA Benefits

Classrooms have gone digital. Your communication should too. Leave old-school tactics behind and use instant messaging to recruit, reach out to, and support students and stakeholders.

Enhanced Communication

Good communication creates clarity between your Institution and your student’s perception of your value offering, leading to better sales conversion and increased revenue.

Raised sales Engagement rate

Raise your student communication engagement rate by more than 30% with an AI support agent to secure more conversions and fewer sales fall-offs.

Raised registration completion rate

Reduce students from abandoning long and tedious registration processes with a simplified communication solution to keep them well informed, motivated and engaged to secure more students and revenue   

Reduce early cancellations

Prevent students from early cancellation by keeping them engaged well informed during their studies, by using their preferred communication Apps, and technology-driven tools.

Lower variation and inconsistency

Provide consistent, accurate information and responses regarding your Institution, courses, and brand, and prevent unhappy students, early cancellations, or abandonment.

Raised student satisfaction

Turn uninformed, confused, and frustrated students to love your Institution, get good feedback and reviews, and, in return, increase revenue

Accurate feedback & report

Harvest accurate student information, feedback, and operational statistics to improve executive decisions on courses and programs, student behaviour, and Institutional operations.

Lower HR Costs

IVA can do the work of many live sales and support agents and assist thousands of students instantly and accurately – 24/7, which enables you to reduce redundant HR and costs.

Provide effective 24/7 student support

Do not lose potential students to competition by providing instant and accurate student support beyond office hours – 24/7

Increase sales efficiency

Free up time and resources with effective student self-help options and communication automation that a CHATGPT Agent can do.

Reduce human error

Reduce the chance of tired, emotional, or irresponsible staff making mistakes and potentially losing brand reputation, students, and revenue.

Increase scalability

IVA provides an infrastructure for thousands of incoming leads, inquiries, and automated operations that allow you to scale your business.

Streamline communication throughout their academic journey.

IVA Features

Classrooms have gone digital. Your communication should too. Leave old-school tactics behind and use instant messaging to recruit, reach out to, and support students and stakeholders.

Unified Communication Platform

We provide a unified back-end portal to manage contacts, conversations, automation, and actions to trigger template messages, notifications, and more.

Omni Channel Integration

Communicate with students on their preferred devices and applications like WhatsApp, Telegram, Messenger, and other channels from one unified platform.

Process Automation

Automate sales processes and communication workflow messages during pre-sales, onboarding, and post-sales stages.

Datasource Integration

Our virtual agent’s knowledge-base seamlessly integrates with your Institution’s data resources. It uses Chat GPT to provide a human-like experience with a 60% higher student engagement rate and an 80% lower fallback rate.

Product cards

Use media-rich info cards like these to educate prospect students on your courses and programs during drip campaigns or virtual tours.

Chat blasts

Reach large audiences with information, education, announcements, updates, follow-ups, and re-marketing messages using Chat blast template messages.

Event announcements

Automate or manually trigger and manage event notifications and announcements to individuals or groups.

Schedule online bookings

Allow students to use WhatsApp or any other preferred communication channel to schedule a booking according to pre-defined timeslots, send reminders, and drip campaigns before the booking date.

Student profiling

Capture and store non-bias student information, buying behaviours, needs, objections, habits, opinions, feedback, and more during chats, viable for data analysis.

Mobile App

We provide a mobile App (Apple & Android) to manage your contacts, conversations, and automation remotely when on the move.

Natural language processing

Our virtual agents can process human language to reduce repetitive tasks. It can translate, classify, summarize and understand even when the student misspelled.

Registration Process tracking

Let students track the progress or their registrations , view outstanding details and send auto reminders, using WhatsApp or any other preferred channels.

Recall information

Let your students instantly recall any information like course details, exam dates, rosters, progress, etc. with on WhatsApp or their preferred communication application.

Payment gateway integration

Provide your students with a seamless online course payment experience from-out WhatsApp or any other preferred communication channel.

Surveys & feedback

Automate surveys and student feedback on courses and experience using WhatsApp or any other preferred communication channels, with an 70% higher response rate than email or phone calls.

Action triggers (shortcuts)

Automate or manually trigger recurring massages, and embed pre-defined contact fields with a click of a button.

Student filtering and grouping

Group your students based on pre-defined filters, conditional stages, course groups, subjects, tags, student type or any other attributes.

Rich media

Engage and provide prospect students with an immersive experience. Rich media can include images, videos, GIFs, PDFs, audio files, etc

System integration

Seamlessly Integrate most of your current cloud-based systems and platforms, using our platform as an extension of your business communication solutions.

vetting questionairres

Add vetting questions to your registration process, and auto trigger conditional actions and messages based on student’s answers.

Instead of having to select numbers as options, we provide interactive menus for your students to navigate to preferred information and actions on WhatsApp.

Location & calls

Auto send location pins or auto dial phone call options for students to easy navigation or contacting your Institution.

Upload documents

Let your students upload required documents, images and forms to a repository destination, using WhatsApp, or any other preferred communication channel, while instantly notifying the operator.


Endless Possibilities According to your budget and needs

Case Study

A Private South African College

Problem #1

Large leads pool to effectively call, reply or follow-up


Intelligent virtual assistant who can deal with 1000’s of leads simultaneously

Problem #2

Limited available time during work hours (no after-hour support


Human-like Information & support - 24/7

Problem #3

Students not reachable, nor responding to follow-up calls


Omni-channel communication on their preferred devices and apps

Problem #4

Too many manual & repetitive tasks utilising HR resources


Reduce workload through communication and process automations

Problem #5

Low conversion and registration throughput rate


Self-service and vetting process to speed up processes and reduce abandonment

Problem #6

Early cancellations and dropouts due to weak student support


AI-powered Support Virtual Assistant with a high solution and satisfactory rate

Efficiency Rate
With IVA
Without IVA
Customer experience
With IVA
Without IVA
% task Accuracy
With IVA
Without IVA
Chat Fall-off rate
With IVA
Without IVA
Engagement rate
With IVA
Without IVA

The future of educational Communication
& engagement is here.