Monthly Usage Pricing Calculator

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Calculate your WhatsApp Business messaging costs

The WhatsApp Business API Calculator is a useful tool for businesses to estimate the cost of using WhatsApp for their communication. Businesses can find out how much it will cost by entering the number of conversations they intend to send and receive. Try it now!

What is a conversation?

When businesses use WhatsApp API, they are charged based on the number of conversations they have with their customers. A conversation starts when a message is sent and the session lasts for 24 hours. Any messages sent during this 24-hour period are part of the same conversation. If a message is sent after 24 hours have passed since the first message, a new conversation starts and it will be charged accordingly. Our estimated service conversation costs are based on initial conversations the business receives from contacts in a month outside of marketing conversations and the free conversation entry points. 

What are free entry points?

Free entry points are channels for businesses to connect with customers at no cost, including QR codes, short links, Facebook and Instagram action buttons, as well as Facebook and Instagram Shops. Businesses can also use these entry points to promote their WhatsApp channel for chat availability. Here are some free entry points for businesses:

  1. QR Codes: Scannable codes for customer-initiated conversations.
  2. Short Links: Easy-to-remember links for initiating conversations.
  3. Action Buttons on Facebook Page and Instagram Profile: Allow customers to start a conversation.
  4. Facebook and Instagram Shops: Showcase products and services, and enable customer conversations.
  The prices listed are subject to change by Meta. Kindly refer to the Meta page for the latest pricing updates.

Calculate your AI Token costs

Tokens are employed when we extract information from your website to construct the foundation of your iVA’s knowledge base. Over time, the information is assimilated into our training component, reducing the reliance on tokens to a minimum.

The price for additional tokens is $5 per 1 Million tokens.

The majority of our clients, who have a database of 5,000 leads, typically spend an average of 3 million tokens per month.

Tokens Charges

You will be billed monthly for token usage. Consult with your support agent on strategies to reduce token charges.