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Support DRIVEN

Make a positive impact in the engagement and retention of your customer’s support which will make them return for business over and over again

experience Driven

Experience has become a key factor in customer satisfaction. Raise the standard on your engagement level with your customers.

response Driven

Speed of Implementation, immediate response and immediate gratification can be improved with Artificial Intelligent Chatbots

CHATBOTS - are the future in customer communication & support

Common problems most businesses experience


Do you or your sales staff engage with your clients and leads through slow email replies, one-on-one phone calls or low conversion telesales? .

InconsiStent MessageS

Do you struggle with sales staff who communicate inconsistent and incorrect product and sales messages to your customers?


Do you have limited available resources, not being able to deal with all your incoming enquiries or providing adequate support?


Are you potentially loosing customers and deals, because you don't have the time or resources to manage the necessary follow-ups or cold calls?


Are you loosing potential clients because you are only available to attend to their enquiries or sell only when you or your sales staff are available?


Are you struggling to maintain a professional level of customer support or losing customers due to weak or unprofessional sales and support staff?

Introducing your NEWEST staff member

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What a Virtual Assistant can do for your business

Driving technology for leading brands


Virtual Assistants can respond to initial client intents or re-engage with automated follow-up responses, using NLP (Natural Language Processing). Minimize staffing, automate processes and reduce risk

HIGHER Customer Engagement

Maintain a minimum 70% customer engagement by using their preferred communications platforms and methods - compared to conventional marketing engagement tools like email, phone calls and telemarketing

IMPROVE Client Closing Rate

By improving the level in your communication approach, consistency in your brand and product message and shortening support response time - you will increase trust and raise the potential of closing the deal


Raise the level of your customer experience, from the first time they engage with you, right through the entire sales process. Your customers will love you and want to come back for more.

Supported Messaging Platforms

engage with customers directly on their preferred platforms





Web Chat






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Driving technology for leading brands

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Most frequent questions and answers

Each company has got different requirements in the setup and integration of their chatbots. Some setups require programming and very complex procedures in the initial Chatbots setup based on specific needs.

After the completion of the Chatbot setup – you have the option to continue managing the Chatbot (functionality / chat flow / intents & responses / integrations / etc) or we can manage the bots for you.

By means of API (Application Programming Interface) Technology, we are able to integrate and link most online, cloud based systems, databases and platforms. 

You need to have an existing operational business with the potential to expand and grow in the digital domain.

Simply tell us more about your business¬†here and describe your business growth needs. If you don’t have the required infrastructures for you business we will assist you.

If you have an existing business we will do an audit of your current business operations and provide you with a comprehensive Project Development Plan Proposal.

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