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Close More with Chat Commerce

FOR Online and brick-and-mortar retail shops

Whether you are B2B, B2C or C2C, you need to ABC — always be closing. Add instant messaging to your sales strategy and turn conversations into conversions. Best of all, you can market, sell and support at scale from any channel on a single platform.


Are your marketing campaigns or promotions failing to hit their targets? Get higher visibility and engagement with instant messaging. Convert casual shoppers into loyal customers with the right message at the right time in the right inbox

Order Tracking and Notifications

Accessibility and retention - The primary purpose of order tracking is to keep customers in the loop and give them certainty about when their order is going to arrive.

Online Payment Gateway Integration

Same thread payment conversion - Immediately guide customers through the payment process on the same thread right after recommending a product.

Marketing and Sales Automation

Increase marketing uptime - Engage with website visitors, provide product advice, accelerate new opportunities, generate new interest, engage demand, cultivate early interest 24/7.

Extended Cart Features through CHAT

Create mores sales opportunities - Automate your sales pipeline, from sales qualification to abandoned cart recovery

Turn conversations to conversions

No response, no sale. In the hypercompetitive world of e-commerce, customers don’t wait. Engage them instantly on their favorite messaging apps to close deals while you have their attention or foster long-term relationships for higher CLTV. Then, use data, automation and analytics to shorten and speed up your sales cycle.

Customer Profiling

Unify customer data - Turn your customer profile data into the fuel that powers your pipeline.

Automated or Scheduled Chat Blasts

Raise Customer Engagement - Re-activate unresponsive demand, inform engaged customers or win back former customers by sending mass messages to all of your Contacts, or target selected Contacts based on their individual profile.

Analytics & Reporting

Track Conversions, Drop-offs & Engagement - Leverage Powerful Machine Learning Tools & Specialized Reports to Filter Data and Uncover Key Insights that can improve your sales conversion rates at scale.


Ensure Returning Customers- Hit high open and click-through rates when you use the right channels


Build brand loyalty with consistent, high-quality support throughout the customer journey. Offer conversational or ticketed support on the channels customers use most and add chat automation for faster responses and resolutions.

Automated Drip Campaigns

Keep your customers engaged - Automate multichannel drip campaigns triggered by customer actions

Customer Segmentation

Target Customer's Needs Segment customers by past purchases or buyer behavior for retargeting

Integrate Existing Platfomrs

Ensure Maximum Utilization - Integrate your existing ERP or sales CRMs to retrieve data or generate deals mid-conversation


Optimize Marketing and Sales Efficiency - Have total visibility over chats and measure agent performance with data and analytics


Reach your customers on their preferred channel

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