Real estate

Open more doors with instant messaging

FOR Online and brick-and-mortal Real EstatE AGENTS

Location is key, from the channels you reach prospective tenants and buyers on to the platforms that get the job done. Centralise your real estate tools on respond.io to market, sell and offer personalised support over chat.

Hand prospects the keys

SMS and email are too slow for the fast pace of real estate. Promote properties for rent or sale on popular social media and messaging channels, then gather all responses in a single inbox for swift handling by your team or chat automation.

Automated Drip Campaigns

Keep your customers engaged - Build interest about new models or used car deals via throttled information in multichannel drip marketing campaigns

Customer Segmentation

Target Customer's Needs Segment customers by past purchases or buyer behavior for retargeting


Raise the level of engagement - Use new catalogs and brochures as lead magnets to capture, generate and nurture leads


Optimize Marketing and Sales Efficiency - Have total visibility over chats and measure agent performance with data and analytics

Build relationships and trust

Buying, selling or managing properties involves multiple stakeholders. Navigate follow-ups and negotiations with tenants, buyers, sellers, agents, brokers and service providers without losing track of the details.

Customer Profiling

Unify customer data - Turn your customer profile data into the fuel that powers your pipeline.

Automated or Scheduled Chat Blasts

Re-engage Customer's Interest - Broadcast special offers on messaging apps to target audiences instantly or schedule them in advance

Analytics & Reporting

Track Conversions, Drop-offs & Engagement - Recalibrate support weak points identified in agents' chat records, NPS or CSAT ratings and performance analytics


Ensure Returning Customers- Hit high open and click-through rates when you use the right channels

Manage operations of any scale

Real estate never sleeps, but you can rest easy with the right tools. Whether you run a boutique real estate agency or a property management firm with an international portfolio, get more done with less effort.


Don't lose potential Clients- Offer 24/7 support with self-service options like automated FAQs, access to a human agent or a mix of both

aUtomate Service Reminder

Get your clients updatd and informed - Immediately guide customers through the payment process on the same thread right after recommending a product.

Marketing and Sales Automation

Increase marketing uptime - Automate your sales pipeline, from sales qualification to deal creation 24/7.

Client Profiling

Know your customer by heart - Impress customers when you recognize them on any channel and always have their full context at hand


Reach your customers on their preferred channel

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